How to Dress up a Casement Window in Southern California

How to Dress up a Casement Window in Southern California

Casement windows offer ample sunlight and fresh air, empowering you to customize your home and create an atmosphere you love. Spaces that need more ventilation, such as bathrooms or kitchens, can benefit from these windows because of their ventilation abilities. Although these windows are beautiful and functional, the crank handles may make it more difficult to find adequate window coverings. 

Modern casement window treatments add style and taste to homes. While casement windows are very unique, finding the right treatments for your space can be simple when you know what to look for. Your treatment will offer light control and reflect your lifestyle, so choosing the right one is essential. If you’re looking for the perfect option for your home, keep reading for inspiration. 

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are crank-out windows that open and close via a hinge on the frame sides. Some of these windows have a crank, while older models may have a latch. Unlike sliding windows that only open partially, you can completely open these windows to allow more air into your home. These windows are perfect for rooms that don’t often receive a lot of ventilation and spaces where you want to feel the most sunlight or the best breeze. 

In areas like Southern California that experience many hot or humid days, having casement windows can make your home experience much more comfortable. Additionally, casement windows are beneficial when you want to promote airflow because they can capture side breezes. Homes packed closely together can benefit from these windows because they will capture the air and push it inside.

The design of these windows can enhance your home and boost your curb appeal by offering stylistic options that reflect your lifestyle and preferences. These windows also offer better security for most homes. They are much harder to break into since you can only open them via the crank. 

How to Dress a Casement Window With Treatments

Your casement windows deserve the love and attention you give the rest of your home. Window coverings for casement windows can add elegance to your home, but you must decide carefully to ensure your window remains functional. Before you decide on a window treatment, you must know your window depth, coverage and ease of use. 

When you want to allow some fresh air inside, having a treatment that stays out of your way is essential. Your coverings should still allow you to open your windows, not prohibit you from enjoying their full functionality. 

As with any window treatment, understanding the window size and depth plays a significant role. Window depths vary by household, and purchasing the wrong coverings could result in project delays. Some coverings may not fit within shallow spaces, so you may need to refocus your design intentions or look for custom options to suit your home

Most casement windows can open fully, allowing you to maximize light and airflow in your home. However, there may be times when you want to experience the breeze without allowing the sun to shine through. Window treatments empower you to control light exposure without losing ventilation. 

Best Window Treatments for Casement Windows

There are many types of window treatments on the market. Unique styles, bold colors and intricate patterns can alter your space and allow you to show your sense of style while controlling sunlight and airflow. Although you have free rein to choose the treatments you enjoy the most, some options will better suit your casement windows than others. Think about your window’s functionality, depth and coverage as you consider your options. 


Window treatment options for casement windows include:

  • Plantation shutters: Shutters are often a popular treatment choice for casements because they empower homeowners to have control of light and air. During the summer, you can keep them open to bring in warm summer breezes, and during the winter, you can shut them tightly to keep the heat inside your home. Plantation shutters can offer superior light control while providing a beautiful aesthetic to your interior. Wood plantation shutters can fit with the system of your window, allowing you to access the crank or latch easily. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that fabrics won’t be caught in the breeze. 
  • Roman shades: Shades are a chic option for these windows. Shades can fit outside of the window frame or inside the recess to suit your desired look. You can find cordless and motorized shades to increase home safety and forgo the chances of seeing tangles in the crank. Some of the best shades for casement windows are Roman shades. Elegant fabrics and textures can complement modern and traditional spaces to create color pops. When you raise them, these coverings will neatly fold, giving you quick access to the crank with minimal effort. 
  • Roller shades: Roller shades for casement windows are an excellent way to update a room, especially if you want your windows to create a traditional look. With a wide selection of opacity ranges, color options and style varieties, you can find a beautiful look to fit your home with easy operation and window access. 
  • Sunscreen shades and room darkening shades: These window treatments can make a room feel radiant while protecting your privacy and reducing glare. With fully customizable options, you can transform your space with the look you’ll love. Simple operation allows you to seamlessly open and close your windows while adjusting your space to the desired temperature and light. 
  • Panel drapes: Drapery is an excellent option for windows that open outward. They pair well with blinds, allowing you to mix and match window treatments to control light and temperature. Drapery fabrics come in a variety of styles and colors, empowering you to enhance your space while letting the natural air fill your home. 

Find Window Treatment Ideas for Casement Windows From Shutter & Shade Shoppe

Shutter & Shade Shoppe is a window covering company that creates custom window treatments for homes, so you can create the look you’ll love. We know that the little details matter, which is why we offer a vast selection of colors, styles and designs across our window covering collections. We want to help you celebrate your style and personality through your window coverings and feel at home in your choices. 

We’re committed to delivering high-quality service and custom window treatments that reflect your lifestyle. Contact us to schedule a consultation or request an estimate for your casement windows.

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