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Shutter & Shade Shoppe written instructions, the product will be free from manufacturing defects for the reasonable lifetime, effective from the date of purchase by the original buyer. Shutter & Shade Shoppe offers lifetime limited warranty on the hard wood and vinyl shutters against all mechanism defects, 5 years warranty on color fastness of paints. 2 year warranty on color fastness of stain on wood shutters. No salesperson, dealer, retailer nor any representative of Shutter & Shade Shoppe has the authority to modify this warranty in any way, either verbally or in writing. No other warranties are made except as set forth herein, and said Warranty is limited by the following terms and conditions: This Warranty shall remain in effect only if the Product has been installed, maintained, cleaned, treated and used correctly. This Warranty shall not apply if the Product has been damaged due to alteration, accident, misuse, misapplication, improper installation, abuse, normal wear and tear, exposure to the elements, moisture, improper maintenance or handling, fire, flood, or other Acts of God.

1. Product use: This limited Warranty applies only in respect to Products that are used strictly for the purpose in which they were designed, manufactured, sold and intended.
2. Warranty Limitations: Shutter & Shade Shoppe’s liability is limited solely and exclusively to repair or replacement, at Shutter & Shade Shoppe’s option, of all or any part of the defective Product. Under no circumstances shall Shutter & Shade Shoppe be liable for consequential or incidental damages resulting from the defective Product. This includes, but is not limited to costs of removal and reinstallation, disassembly and/or reassembly, damage or injury to other property, labor costs for any purpose, or any other expense.
3. Replacement Parts or Repairs: Shutter & Shade Shoppe reserves the right to discontinue or change any of its shutter products as currently manufactured, at any time. If Shutter & Shade Shoppe determines to make a replacement under the terms of this limited Warranty and exact replacements are not available, Shutter & Shade Shoppe reserves the right to substitute a part or parts of equal quality at its sole option.

The following are excluded from coverage under this Limited Warranty.
1. Exposure to air pollutants and normal atmosphere conditions may cause wood surfaces to gradually suffer and accumulation of surface dirt and stains. These are normal occurrences and are not covered under Shutter & Shade Shoppe’s Limited Warranty.
2. Any defect, malfunction or failure to perform, which has occurred because of unreasonable use, improper application or failure to perform reasonable or necessary maintenance.
3. Any damage to the Shutters or components of the Shutters caused by settlement or structural defects of the building in which they are installed.
4. Any damage cause by wind, hail, lightning, rain, or other Acts of God, intentional acts, accidents, negligence, exposure to harmful chemicals or pollutants.
5. Any damage or defect cause by any person, licensed or not, who, after the Product’s manufacture, handled, transported or in- stalled the Shutter & Shade Shoppe Product, regardless of that persons relationship to Shutter & Shade Shoppe.
6. Any Shutters Product that is manufactured outside of Shutter & Shade Shoppe’s standard factory specifications. This shall include, but not the limited to, custom manufactured Shutters Products for unusually shaped, or abnormally large applications.
7. Any shutters which has been repaired or modified or attempted to have been repaired or modified by any person other than a duly authorized representative of Shutter & Shade Shoppe.

In the event that any part or provision of this limited warranty shall conflict with any present or future law, statue, ordinance, regulation or ruling, the latter shall prevail; provided, however, that the part or provision of this agreement which is effected shall be curtailed and limited only to the extent necessary to bring it within the requirements of law, and all other parts and provisions of this limited warranty shall remain in full force and effect. For service under this Limited Warranty, Please contact Shutter & Shade Shoppe.. Please have available the proof of purchase and the purchase date and location, in addition to a detailed description of the problem. Shutter & Shade Shoppe shall not be liable for shipping costs for Product inspection, service or repair, and is not liable for damages or loss occurring during shipping.


Each order is identified with a reference number for quick and easy status and identification. All orders are entered into the computer as they are received. You may place orders through fax, email, or internet. 


The prompt delivery of your shutters requires strict manufacturing scheduling. Therefore, once an order has been submitted cancellation will not be accepted and you will be liable for the full cost of the order. The buyer may cancel this transaction at any time prior to midnight of the third day after the order date. 


Even though strict quality standards are maintained to minimize color variations, we recommend that you not attempt exact color matches from your sample panels. It is a fact, that regardless of the industry, color changes are a reality from lot to lot. We also recommend ordering all shutter for the same room at the same time. We cannot guarantee exact color matching between orders and will not warranty this. To ensure color matching, all shutters for the same room must be ordered at the same time. This will eliminate possible variations due to different dye lots


We do not recommend ordering shutters that require a liability release. The liability release waives all expressed and implied warranties on the shutter(s) in question. In these situations, we are not liable for product performance and any oral or written agreement will not modify the liability release. Should liability be release, full payment will be required regardless of your payment arrangement with your own customer.


We stand 100% behind our warranties offered on all of our products. As with other manufacturing companies in the industry. Shutter & Shade Shoppe needs defective product to be returned to our company in order to be properly repaired by our company trained technicians. Please be aware that all freight charges in and outstanding labor costs will be paid by Shutter & Shade Shoppe. as long as the service pertains to warranted problems.


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