5 Essentials for Enhancing Your California Room

California rooms are quickly becoming one of the most popular design trends for homeowners. With the combination of outdoor scenery and fresh air and the sheltered comfort of the indoors, California rooms allow homeowners to enjoy outdoor space all year. They’re perfect for dining, relaxing with family and friends or enjoying a quiet oasis after a long day.

If you’re planning on designing a California room for your home, or you already have one, you may be wondering what essentials are perfect for creating the space of your dreams. Let’s dive into some of the top benefits of adding outdoor living space and our top California room necessities to enhance your home.

What Are California Rooms? 

A California room is an indoor-outdoor living space that offers the next level of comfort and luxury. California rooms combine an indoor room, such as the living room or dining room, with an outdoor porch. As an extension of your home’s indoor floor plan, they’re usually open to the outdoors on one or two sides and have a complete roof cover. They truly bring the outside scenery and fresh air to the indoors so homeowners can enjoy more time outside all year. 

Here are some of the main benefits creating a California room can have to your home:

  • Go beyond a sunroom: While sunrooms usually are an extension of your home, they’re generally closed on all sides, making them an indoor living space. California rooms go one step further by bringing sunshine and nature to the comfortable indoors.
  • Create more space: With several design options, homeowners can be creative with their space and open up their homes to the outdoors. Expanding walls or adding vaulted ceilings are just a few of the options available to create even more space.
  • Enjoy the outdoors in comfort: Due to their sheltered design, you can enjoy the fresh air year-round, no matter the weather. By installing fans or a fireplace, you can make the room cooler or warmer depending on the season.

If you’re ready to start designing your California room, let’s go over some of the best California room design ideas you should consider.

Top 5 California Room Design Ideas for 2021

From adding entertainment centers and built-in bars, there are limitless options when it comes to designing your ideal California room. Here are some of the top California room ideas for 2021 to enhance your outdoor living space

1. Select Luxurious Furniture

Adding some comfortable furniture is one of the top California room essentials. Select couches and chairs that help you relax — and match your style — so you and your family and friends can have a space to gather. Adding modern coffee or dining tables can enhance your room by giving you an outdoor dining and drinking space. Be sure to choose furniture with the weather in mind so you can ensure everything remains protected.

2. Build a Built-In Bar or Grill

Many homeowners choose to add a built-in bar or grill to their California rooms. It’s an excellent option for enjoying barbeques or casual drinks with friends and family. If you like entertaining, you can essentially double the space you have to accommodate guests and serve refreshments. You’ll be the perfect host.

3. Enhance With Lighting

Adding some lighting can allow you to enjoy your room day or night. You can pick from a variety of styles and designs for your lights so you can tailor them to match the aesthetic of your California room. For example, install lights in the ceiling or have beautiful hanging lights above the dining table or bar. If you want a more living room-type feel, opt for some simple lampshades for your end tables. The options are endless.

4. Add an Entertainment Center

If you want your California room to serve as both a living room and outdoor space for relaxation, adding an entertainment center could be an excellent choice. A flat-screen TV or stereo with speakers helps to entertain guests, and you can even use your California room to enjoy a movie night with your family. Additionally, if you or your loved ones follow sports, you can have a game playing while you cook up some game-day snacks.

5. Invest in Outdoor Shades

Investing in outdoor shades is the key to enjoying your California room all year, no matter the weather. They’re designed to block out the wind and rain so you can protect your furniture and electronic equipment during inclement weather. You can also control how much sunlight comes into your room, so you can lower the shades during those warm afternoons to create a cooler space. With limitless customization, you can choose custom outdoor shades that will be sure to match your California room’s aesthetic.

Outdoor Shades — A Perfect Addition to Your California Room

You can use a California room with outdoor shades during any weather — and they even protect you from the sun and offer extensive privacy. Here are some of the main benefits of adding custom outdoor shades to your home:

  • Additional privacy: Outdoor shades for California rooms can help add an extra element of privacy so you can relax more comfortably. In addition, they can also create a more intimate audience when entertaining guests.
  • Protection from the sun: Exposure to sunlight can take a toll on your health and your furnishings. Outdoor shades are essential for protection against the sun and ultraviolet rays.
  • Block heavy winds: Outdoor shades are both durable and able to block up to 60 mile-per-hour winds. Even during a thunderstorm, you can rest easy knowing your California room is protected from severe weather.
  • Motorized operation: Many outdoor shades come with motorized functions, allowing you to adjust your shades quickly and control them with a remote. You can opt for manual operation for many custom shades, as well.

Adding outdoor shades is an essential investment that will help enhance your California room and ensure you can protect it from the elements and enjoy the great outdoors every day. They can also increase the value of your home.

Trust Shutter & Shade Shoppe for Your California Room’s Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades are perfect for adding style and an elegant look while also protecting from the wind and rain. At Shutter & Shade Shoppe, we can provide custom outdoor shades designed to match your tastes and the style of your home in Orange County as well as other areas like Fontana, Jurupa Valley, Norco, Ontario, or Riverside in San Bernardino County and Pasadena and Los Angeles in LA County. We can work with you to add matching outdoor shades to your California room so you can enjoy your outdoor living space all year round. 

If you’re ready to take your California room to the next level, we can help. Contact our experienced team to discuss how we can help you achieve your home design goals.

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