Parkland® Wood Blinds

Fine woods with a timeless design. Traditional styling and rich hardwood slats let our horizontal Wood Blinds compliment the lines of any room. Fashioned to create a warm and inviting home, they’re available in a variety of colors and three slat sizes. Advanced finishing technology is used on wood blinds to provide maximum protection and beauty. They’re guaranteed against fading, yellowing, warping or bowing – which makes blinds perfect for any room in the house including the humidity of bathrooms or rooms that generally receive full sun.

Vertical blinds are sweeping statements for grander openings. Vertical Blinds feature curved vanes, mimicking soft drapery folds that offer exceptional sound absorption, elegant styling and translucency. Comes with a patented headrail designed to reduce light gaps and allow smooth, trouble-free operation. Vertical Blinds are available in a wide range of vinyl, fabric and aluminum styles and an impressive array of colors, textures and patterns.

All descriptions by Hunter Douglas

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