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2022 Home Decor Trends in California

California has long been known as a trendsetting area, especially in home design and decor trends. The laid-back style of California life is something many people want to emulate, and design trends coming from California are always quite popular. Discover more about what makes California style what it is below and some of the best home decor trends in 2022 for California.

What Is California Style?

California, especially Southern California, has its own unique style, evocative of a carefree life on the coast. Sometimes called California Casual or California Cool, this style is as light and breezy as a day at the beach. The style prioritizes minimalism but is far more relaxed than other minimalist aesthetics.

The overall look of Southern California design has an easy and effortless feeling, with comfort and ease of living as some of the most important aspects of the design. And while it is a casual, laid-back aesthetic, there is some thought that goes into curating the California style.

California style has a relaxed, lived-in look that also manages to be high-end and welcoming. The colors used often veer towards neutrals and warm tones, with hints of coastal beach colors here and there. The elements of this style exude positivity and sunny, balanced interior spaces. Natural inspiration is also a significant part of this style, with organic materials and accents of indoor plants. California style is also great at blending industrial with soft, natural elements and old with new decor.

6 Southern California Home Decor Trends in 2022

If you’re inspired by California style, these home decor trends for 2022 are perfect for you. Try any of these ideas to bring the latest California trends into your home:

1. Warm Earth Tones

Earthy tones, especially those found near the beach, are an ever-present element of California style, and this year, warm earth tones are more on-trend than ever. California style takes its cues from nature, so look outside for the right color palette of warm neutrals and earthy shades that will make your home look cozier.

2. Eclectic Styles

One of the biggest 2022 home decor trends for California style is an eclectic mix of styles rather than strictly adhering to only one aesthetic. Expect to see unique combinations of boho, coastal, midcentury modern and classic elements. The trend is full of personality and prominently features more artisanal, handmade and one-of-a-kind pieces.

3. Statement Decor

While the overall feel of California style is casual and relaxed, you can expect to see more statement pieces making their way into the decor. These show-stopping elements can include bold furniture choices, decorative elements and bolder wallpaper prints and statement walls.

This trend is directly tied into the eclectic trend and also shows off plenty of personality. To maintain a balance of statement and style and stay within the Southern California design aesthetic, keep the bold choices to a handful of accents. Select neutral and casual touches for the rest of the room, or consider monochromatic color schemes for a more sophisticated look.

4. Houseplants

Adding a few indoor plants to your room’s decor is an essential aspect of California style. Houseplants add ambiance, color and energy to a room, and even the pots that hold them can be a decorative element themselves. Any type or size plant will work – Just be sure to find one that will do well in the lighting conditions of your room

5. Cozy Layers

The backbone of California style is simplicity and neutral palettes. As such, the color, pattern and cozy textures come from layers of plush accessories. Think woven rugs and fluffy throw blankets and pillows used throughout a room. Additionally, textiles and patterned wall hangings are often used to add visual interest. All of these elements bring warmth to a room and keep the overall look casual and comfortable.

6. Blending the Outdoors With the Indoors

One of the more enduring Southern California home decor trends that continue this year is a blending of indoor and outdoor spaces. This element goes beyond simply adding some houseplants to your interior, but that is a considerable first step.

Architectural elements like large windows that let in plenty of natural light are key for blending the indoors and outdoors. Even better are large sliding doors that open up to patios and well-landscaped lawns. Remember to decorate outdoor spaces, as well — use plush cushions and throw blankets when entertaining, lots of lush greenery, ambient lighting and special extras like fire pits or water features.

Elegant Window Treatments for California Style

Some of the best home decor trends in California involve gorgeous new window treatments. With the hot sun and changing weather conditions in Southern California, window treatments are practical both for style and for maximum energy efficiency and comfort in the home, as well. Here are the top trends for window treatments in California:

  • Wooden shutters: Traditional wooden shutters add an elegant touch to any home while keeping in line with California style. The natural and organic materials are a perfect fit, and the shutters provide maximum privacy and protection from the elements.
  • Woven shades: Sometimes called natural shades, woven shades use natural and organic materials. These gorgeous window coverings fit in perfectly with California style, offering a decorative element while also providing insulating qualities and privacy.
  • Roman shades: An old window treatment style that’s still incredibly popular, Roman shades offer a touch of class to any room. These shades stack evenly and are smooth when opened and are customizable. There are ranges of colors and fabrics to choose from — you can easily coordinate these shades with the rest of your decor.
  • Blackout shades: As the California sun shines down, sometimes you want full control over the light you let in through the windows. Blackout or sunscreen shades are a popular option in Southern California for the most protection from the sun.

Custom Shades and Shutters for Your California-Style Home

With an array of California home decor trends this year, you may have found something to inspire your home. If you’re ready for some home decor updates, start with elegant, customized window treatments.

At Shutter & Shade Shoppe, we provide completely customized window treatments so your new window coverings are exactly what you want. We are also proud to have an experienced team serving Orange County as well as other areas like Fontana, Jurupa Valley, Norco, Ontario, or Riverside in San Bernardino County and Pasadena and Los Angeles in LA County that offers exceptional customer service and quick, precise installation. Contact us today to set up a free in-home consultation.

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