California Home Décor Trends 2024

California Home Décor Trends 2024

While every interior design style has its staples, smaller trends within each style are constantly changing. Your home is your own personal island — its design is carefully curated to reflect your interests. From heirloom pieces to custom fabrics and colors, you’ve worked hard to develop an interior that elevates your space. 

Your home should make you feel comfortable and stylish. Even if you’ve got core pieces that make up your space, sometimes you need an upgrade. Updating parts of your California interior to reflect current trends can make your rooms feel new and modern without breaking the bank. As we enter 2024, here are some California home interior trends to help inspire your next interior makeover

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What Is California-Style Décor? 

California homes often have luxurious, breathable interior designs. These rooms typically feature soft edges, neutral colors, open spaces and sleek window treatments. You’ll see lots of natural light, gentle textures, stones and wood. California home décor tries to incorporate colors and shapes that make you feel relaxed but sophisticated, combining a coastal or bohemian feel to make the space seem like a luxurious getaway. 

2024 California Home Design Trends

Getting your California home design 2024-ready means looking to new trends. Balancing your current space with updated pieces makes it feel familiar while giving it a slight facelift. Testing out new pieces or looks is a great way to make your home feel modern. Having the same pieces for years can leave your home feeling stale — use these 2024 trends to take your home to a new level of luxury and style.

Cozy Earthy Colors

California home décor uses soft, neutral colors to create its signature beachy, welcoming feel. While neutrals are a staple of California style, 2024 brings a new wave of rich, earthy tones to these rooms. Green has become a hugely popular interior design color and will likely remain a leading player in 2024 design. Use warm, nature-inspired browns, greens and sandy shades in your accent decor to make your space pop. Accent pillows, rugs, knick-knacks and wall art are great places to add some earth tones for an updated California look.

Relaxing Monotones

Monotones play a significant role in shaping the modern California aesthetic. Making a monotone room means using different shades and tones of the same color to create a relaxing, layered space. In 2024, expect California-style spaces to further embrace this trend with lots of bright, white-on-white, or cream and beige rooms. Using different shades of the same color throughout stretches your creativity and helps your home feel more streamlined. Use warm tones to maximize that California natural feel while modernizing your space.

Soft, Curved Lines

While stark, hard-edged architecture and design have had a hold on home interiors over the past few years, curves are coming back into style. Say goodbye to brutal, modern edges in your California home. Instead, 2024 is going to have lots of emphasis on soft, rounded shapes in interior design. Think curved walls, rounded countertops, smooth and bubbly wall art and circular furniture. This trend is ideal for California-style interiors — they already focus on soft colors and natural design, and incorporating rounder silhouettes throughout the space elevates it further. There’s nothing more luxurious than a peaceful, natural California home.

Everything Wood

Everything Wood

Instead of greys and metals, 2024 is all about embracing natural, soft furniture. Wood has always been a cornerstone of California interiors, but 2024 is taking it up a notch. Consider investing in light- or medium-toned woods like oak and teak, seamlessly connecting your interior to the outdoors. These natural, soft woods work excellently with the earthy tones and whites of the modern California style. Use wood furniture, flooring, décor, kitchen tools and especially shades or blinds to add a touch of rustic charm to your dreamy and timeless rooms.

Embrace Subtle Eclectic

Minimalism is on its way out — in 2024, you will see subtle eclectic patterns coming into homes. Embrace one-of-a-kind, artisan pieces to add a touch of excitement to your California-style space. Use patterned pillows, lamps, sculptures and wall decor to bring a vintage touch to your natural, open space. Try to avoid too many eclectic pieces. This can make your room feel too maximalist and less relaxing. Instead, opt for chairs with slight ruffle skirts or unique paintings to add that eclectic feel without taking away the luxurious breathability of your home.

Subtle Hidden Storage

Hidden storage is a massive essential for anyone looking for California-style home décor. Keeping a breezy, open space means having places to put all your things. Look for pieces that maximize space without sacrificing aesthetics. Try to get concealed cabinets, under-stair storage and natural wood chests for storing things without cluttering the room. Pick pieces with neutral or soft colors and round edges to bring your storage into 2024. You’ll keep the wide-open, California-style look without stuffing everything in a closet.

Use Soft Accent Colors

Pastels are also coming back in for 2024. You can use delicate pinks, pastel blues and soft yellows to add a hint of color to your California-style space. A hint of color lets you keep your luxury aesthetic while giving you something new to brighten the room. Soft colors are incredibly versatile, working as accents anywhere in the room. You’ll be able to change up your look slightly without overhauling the classic California design.

Texture on Texture

Texture is going to become even bigger in 2024. Texture trends involve incorporating multiple textures into a space, creating a layered but sophisticated look. This fashion-forward aesthetic will use everything from natural materials to velvet and faux fur for depth. With different textures, you add visual interest to the room, making it more inviting. For a California-style room, use different wood textures or monotones with other textured treatments to add dimension without overwhelming the space. 

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