10 Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

10 Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

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Every home deserves to look its best. With endless interior and exterior improvement options, you want your home to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sets their eyes on it. One improvement that is sure to leave your guests in awe is the addition of custom window treatments. These attractive, stylish and unique interior features add flair and a touch of elegance to your home. If you are considering ways of adding your personal touch and creativity without the cost and chaos of renovations, installing window treatments is the solution. Your home will be transformed into a tailored haven you won’t want to leave and neither will anyone else. Read on for more on the different types of window treatments and the 10 benefits of installing them.

Different Types of Window Treatments

The style of your home and your unique tastes will largely dictate the type of window treatment you choose. Based on your preference, you can choose from any of the available window treatment types:
  • Shutters: Some benefits of wood plantation shutters include their classic look and durability. These shutters are sturdy and functional, offering full natural light control. Their vinyl counterpart is modern and light, yet perfect for repelling moisture while offering full light control.
  • Shades: Choose between dual, Roman, room-darkening and woven shades to complete your home’s look. These shades come in beautiful fabrics and designs and allow you to adjust their height to let sunlight through when you want it.
  • Outdoor shades: Our versatile, resilient outdoor shade range protects your exterior spaces. This ensures your privacy is protected all around.
  • Drapery: These flowing sheets of sheer luxury and charm will look beautiful in your home. Open them wide to let the sun warm your home, or keep them closed for further privacy.

Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

There are numerous benefits of installing custom window treatments. Let’s explore 10 benefits that cover all window treatment types:

1. Privacy

One of the most significant benefits of window treatments is the privacy they provide. Without shades or shutters, your home remains open to prying eyes and potential thieves who can see straight into your home. Regardless of your area, the proximity to busy streets or your neighbors, you likely want complete control over how much visibility there is into your home. Any activities you or your family enjoy within the comfort and privacy of your home will remain that way with the addition of window treatments. Additionally, window treatments help reduce outside noise, another element of privacy.

2. UV Protection

We all long to seek shelter from the sun’s unforgiving UV rays when temperatures rise to unbearable highs in the summer. Window treatments that allow the right amount of sunlight in are one way to ensure you stay protected. It’s essential to keep your skin protected from potentially harmful UV rays, especially during times when the sun is at its most intense. You can protect your skin with the help of window treatments in your home. Window treatments also help protect furniture and flooring from damage caused by the sun. The sun can cause furniture and flooring to fade over time, which can impact its aesthetic and value.

3. Temperature Control

Window treatments provide insulation by reducing the heat that is transferred from outside to inside your home. When it is hot, shutters, shades and drapery limit sunlight according to your preference. Solar heat is reduced in this way, keeping it cooler inside. The same sentiment applies in colder weather whereby insulation prevents heat loss so your interior stays warm. This is specifically the case with drapery, where the light and color of the material can help insulate your home. For example, the color you choose for draping may repel or trap heat inside. As with clothing items, dark drapery colors may attract and retain heat, while light colors help regulate temperature by repelling heat.

4. Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Windows without treatments can significantly reduce your home’s energy efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates the average home loses roughly 30% of its heating through windows. And when you run your AC in the summer, 76% of the sunlight coming through the windows becomes heat. Installing window treatments can significantly reduce the amount of energy lost through windows and help keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. Various window treatments save more energy than others, and some work better in one season than another. Vertical or horizontal blinds, for instance, are effective at reducing sunlight during the hot months, and you can control how much sunlight enters by adjusting the blinds’ positioning. However, they are not as good at keeping the heat in during the colder months. That’s because blinds feature slats with openings that make them poor insulators. Custom-made blinds are much more efficient. Ready-made blinds only come in standard sizes, making it challenging to find the right size if your windows’ dimensions are outside the norm. Custom blinds fit much better, making them more effective at improving energy efficiency. You can also use the daylighting method to conserve energy. Daylighting involves using windows to bring sunlight into a home, which helps conserve energy because you won’t have to use as much electricity to light your home.

5. Improved Light Control

Window treatments give you the option to choose how much light you want to let in, whether sunlight in the summer or natural, dim light in cooler seasons. Control the intensity of sunlight with shades, deflect it by turning up shutters, or diffuse it with drapes to give you the right amount of light for the mood and ambiance you want to set. An advantage of window treatments is how much glare you can reduce, which can be intrusive at times, especially if you work from home. If you enjoy afternoon naps, window treatments can provide the darkness needed to enjoy a peaceful slumber in the day. When you wake up, enjoy the warmth of the sun with a simple turn of the shutter or by opening the drapes.

6. Aesthetic Appeal

Window treatments offer more than practical functionality. Window treatments are a reflection of your taste and style, showing off your interior decorating prowess. They come in a variety of colors, styles, designs and materials to spoil you with choice. Complement your decor and furniture by matching the colors, or let your windows stand out in bold, colorful expressions of your unique preference. You can’t go wrong either way.

7. Precise Measurements

Manufacturers will make treatments that fit your windows’ dimensions. With ready-made options, you’ll have to choose from only a few available sizes. If you have any unusually shaped or nonstandard windows, you’re probably not going to find a solution that fits well or controls the amount of sunlight you need. With custom window treatments, you can enjoy shutters or shades that fit perfectly over your windows.

8. Various Design Options

With custom-made window treatments, you can choose from an extensive range of colors, textures, finishes and materials, giving you a virtually endless number of design combinations. Whatever window personality you have, you’ll be able to find a custom window treatment that suits it perfectly. Conversely, ready-made window treatments have limited materials and colors. For example, if you like the look and feel of wood plantation blinds, you won’t have as many color or material choices.

9. Increased Home Value

If you are considering selling your house and you don’t have window treatments or you are thinking of replacing your current ones, you will benefit from having custom ones installed. The improved overall appearance of your home will attract prospective buyers, regardless of the type of window treatment. They all add aesthetic value and appeal. Their purpose is to offer privacy, UV protection, energy efficiency, improved light control, noise reduction and more. These benefits will save the new owners time and energy bills they would have otherwise spent and are the perfect addition as a home improvement feature that adds value upon purchase.

10. Professional Treatment and Installation

Professional window treatments are worth it, and their installation is best left to the professionals. These skilled installers are impeccable at suggesting window covering options that complement your home’s aesthetic. They also look for options that suit your needs and preferences, including insulating and light qualities. With custom-made window treatments, you don’t only have more options to choose from — you also have a specialist to walk you through them.

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