The Guide to Coastal Window Treatments

The Guide to Coastal Window Treatments

Your California beach house deserves beautiful, beneficial window treatments. Throughout dry summers, cool winters and every condition between, the right window treatments can reduce harmful sunlight and offer shade that will uplift any coastal home. With our helpful guide on coastal window treatments, you will know how to choose a covering that will open your space while adding personality and privacy.

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Benefits of Window Treatments for Coastal Homes

Beach house window treatments offer a range of advantages you can enjoy in your Southern Californian coastal home.

  • Enjoy privacy: Large windows are a central design feature of many coastal homes. Installing window treatments will give you much-needed privacy while brightening your space. 
  • Manage temperature: Window treatments limit the amount of sunlight and heat entering your home, creating a cool space in the summer. They also reduce the cold coastal wind through open windows. In winter, shutters, shades or drapes keep the cool air out, allowing you to maintain the heat inside your home.  
  • Control light: Control the amount of light with the best window treatments for coastal homes. You can open your blinds or shades to allow bright sunshine or close them to create a shady space.
  • Protect your furniture: Harsh sunlight can ruin the material on your furniture and fade or discolor fabrics. Window treatments protect your furnishings by reducing sun exposure.
  • Save energy: Installing window treatments is an effective way to save energy and live a greener life. Window coverings keep your home more comfortable year-round, letting you rely less on your HVAC system.
  • Complements your home: Give your home a tropical beach aesthetic with bamboo woven shades or neutral-color curtains. You can create a coastal charm that adds personality to your home.  

How to Choose Window Treatments for Coastal Homes

Consider the following factors that can help you select your ideal window solutions. 

  • Humidity and moisture: Coastal homes experience more humidity from the ocean. This moisture can damage wood through warping or swelling. Heavy drapes and curtains can also become damp, letting mold grow on the fabric. 
  • Style: Enhance your beach home’s beauty with window treatments. Add rich brown shutters for a traditional style or neutral translucent curtains for a simplistic look. 
  • Cleaning and maintaining: Consider the maintenance before choosing your window treatment. You can dust blinds or wipe down shutters with a cloth every few weeks. You should wash fabric window coverings every few months to keep them clean and prevent mold. 
  • Sunlight and UV rays: For your house along the California coast, consider solar shades to protect yourself and your loved ones from UV rays.

The Best Window Treatments for Your Beach House

Window treatments will bring out your beach house’s charm and elegance with various styles and materials.

The Best Window Treatments for Your Beach House

PVC Shutters

Custom PVC shutters resist salt exposure and moisture. Their durable construction and hardware make them an ideal choice for coastal homes where harsh climates are the norm. These shutters withstand warping and corrosion with ease, ensuring their longevity.

Their practical nature allows you to block out UV rays while enjoying the flexibility to regulate airflow and light. You also benefit from additional privacy, as the shutters will precisely fit your window dimensions. With simple maintenance and a sleek design, they create a perfect clean beach house look.

PVC shutters’ robust, weather-resistant nature makes them a practical window treatment option with plenty of visual appeal. 

Woven Shades

Create a natural, organic look by adding woven coastal shades to your beach home. Made with materials such as bamboo and reeds, these are eco-friendly for customers who want a sustainable option.

Woven coastal shades look great in homes using neutral shades such as beige or white, creating a clean and calm feel. Bring in the sandy beach tones that complement so many color palettes. Woven coastal shades also keep bright sunlight out of your home, reducing glare and helping you stay more comfortable in summer. 

Sheer Curtains and Drapes

Since heavy drapes and curtains can be hard to dry in a humid beach home, you might think this choice is off the table. However, you can create the same classic style in your home using lightweight fabrics for your drapes and curtains.

Sheer curtains have many of the same benefits as draperies. They add privacy and can prevent UV rays from shining through your curtains. Since sheer curtains are lighter than drapes, the coastal breeze can dry them naturally, preventing mold.

Drapes and curtains come in various colors, patterns and materials, giving you many design choices when styling a space. You can create a contemporary look with seashell patterns and pastel colors or a clean style with textured white drapes. You also have the option to pair sheer curtains and blinds that allow light to enter your home while adding privacy and sun protection. 

Roman Shades

Roman shades are ideal window treatments for waterfront homes. Roman shades drape over windows, reducing light and limiting harmful UV rays. They cool your home on warmer days and maintain heat in the colder months, allowing you to maintain a more consistent temperature. You save energy by using less heating or air conditioning.

Roman shades give you the versatility to open or close them completely. By draping your Roman shades, you can allow bright light into your home, opening up the space. You can also close them to give you and your family the necessary privacy. 

Create a Unique Coastal Look With Shutter & Shade Shoppe

We offer the best beach house window treatments on the sunny Southern Californian coastline. Open your space to the cool breeze and beautiful sunlight with window treatments to create a calm space in a naturally aesthetic way. At Shutter & Shade Shoppe, we provide custom window treatments specially designed for your home. We will match you with one of our experts who will bring your vision to life and add functionality and beauty to your space.

To make our coastal window treatments yours, you can contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation. 

Create a Unique Coastal Look With Shutter & Shade Shoppe

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