10 Reasons To Love Outdoor Shades

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As the summer heat begins to settle in over California, preparing your home for insects, intense UV rays and muggy weather conditions may seem impossible. Luckily, an answer to these concerns is more accessible than you think. Outdoor shades provide homeowners with years of unlimited benefits to make their properties stand out among the rest and provide protection from natural summer elements.

Outdoor shades work as larger drape installments that fit outside windows or over spaces such as patios, decks, verandas and porches. Before getting into the benefits of these products, get to know how outdoor shades work as one of the most attractive property upgrades homeowners continue praising.

Are Outdoor Shades Worth It?

Outdoor shades are a must-have home addition for California residents. Fighting the intense west coast heat during the summer can feel like a challenge for residents who enjoy being outdoors. As temperatures rise, you can rest assured that quality-made outdoor shades protect your home, windows and patios. Increase the life span of your favorite spaces around your property through a simple yet elegant attachment.

Outdoor shades can take up the open spaces on porches and patios to guarantee a relaxing night outside without pesky mosquitos. You can watch the night sky from the comfort of your home, and rest assured that you and your home are safe from harsh weather conditions. Continued protection from the weather, sun rays and insects and endless nights of relaxation make outdoor shades worth investing in for your property.

Why You’ll Love Outdoor Shades

The benefits of outdoor shades continue to grow with each use. While most homeowners invest in blinds or indoor shades to block the sun’s rays, outdoor shades are worth the cost of ensuring decades of sun and weather protection and added visual aesthetics. Your home will continue to increase in value each year that you find a use for your shade installations.

So, why get outdoor shades for your home? Learn the top 10 reasons homeowners benefit from outdoor shading.

1. Blocking Glare

The thick mesh of outdoor shades blocks the glare from the sun while providing a clear view of your lawn. You can sit outside and relax without worrying about the sun’s intense glare. UV rays cannot penetrate the mesh, protecting you and your furniture. Installing outdoor shades can increase the life span of your belongings as they block the sun’s rays from affecting the color and shape of your favorite pieces of furniture.

When purchasing outdoor shades, you also have the choice of openness. This decision influences the amount of sun your shades let in, depending on the material’s opacity. You can choose anywhere from 0%-20%, with zero blacking out the entire shade and 20 allowing more light into your space. Whatever choice you make, rest assured that you will remain safe from UV rays with the protection guaranteed by outdoor shades.

2. Energy Efficiency

Studies have shown that unprotected windows can account for 57%-63% of energy loss from buildings. This significant energy change can drastically increase the cost of owning your home. The payments will only increase during hotter months as temperatures rise due to less regulation on the heat inside. To combat this challenge, homeowners install outdoor shades outside their windows.

Outdoor shades are great tools for blocking heat and conserving energy. With this installation, homeowners can save an additional 33%-45% of energy in the house, and that is just during the summer months. When these shades cover your windows, the UV rays cannot penetrate the glass and make their way into your home. As a result, your home can stay cool without the need for air conditioning. Enjoy your breezy atmosphere while saving money and energy.

3. Wind and Weather Blocking

Outdoor shades provide your home with an extra layer of protection from harsh weather conditions. The thick mesh prevents debris from flying into your windows or enclosed areas. Outdoor shades keep the rain out, so your patio always stays dry.

Although the shades are light and flexible to allow cool air to infiltrate the open spaces of a patio or porch, shades prevent flying debris, trash and water from entering your home. This added protection keeps your house damage-free from the Santa Ana winds and other storms throughout the year. Your home will remain safe from minor natural causes, saving you money in repairs in the process.

4. Insect Protection

Insects are no match for the strong shade material. The mesh design lets you maintain a clear view of your lawn while fending off pesky insects. This extra step in the shade’s design makes it easy to lounge outside without getting bitten or stung during summer. Insects will not be able to make their way into your home through the windows with this extra layer of protection.

Patio shades are the most effective tools for decreasing the amount of swarming bugs in your outdoor spaces. Outdoor shades come with zipper side closures that protect residents from harsh weather and keep all insects out of your comfort space. This feature allows you to zip all sides of the shades together so no bugs can crawl their way into an enclosed space. You can gain peace of mind knowing your summer will be spent out in the cool breeze and not inside treating bug bites.

5. Curb Appeal and an Increase in Home Value

Outdoor shades are visually appealing and make your home stand out. These shades are the most noticeable enhancement to any home from a distance, giving your property an extra boost in modern design. Most outdoor shades’ neutral color palettes can match your home’s design and enhance its aesthetic.

When selecting the shades for your home, you can choose from various hues to match the exterior or bring some interior colors to the outside of the house. Whether you prefer to match shades to your sliding or plan to incorporate new colors into your outdoor spaces, outdoor shading is a great way to style your property exactly as you want.

If you plan to sell your home in the next decade, potential buyers can admire the refreshing atmosphere that outdoor shades provide to the property. The patio and windows can remain protected while the inside of the home maintains a healthy color from the limited UV rays infiltrating your living space. Because of this added layer of sun protection and visual aesthetic, your home’s value will continue to increase.

6. Increased Privacy

In addition to providing your home with an added layer of aesthetic appeal, outdoor shades can increase the privacy you have in your home and yard. The mesh lets you see what lies outside the shades and limits how much neighbors can see. From a distance, your shades almost completely block the view of your windows or enclosed space, making it easy to relax in your home.

Depending on your preference for total privacy, you can choose from various blackout screens. If you choose darker colored shades to match the aesthetic of your home, you may find that you have additional privacy. Lighter shades also help deflect the sun’s rays enough to shine off the material. Because of the sun’s reflection on your shades, this factor makes it challenging for onlookers to peek into your living spaces.

7. Maximize Space

Outdoor shades allow you to bring your favorite activities outside. You no longer have to limit your living spaces to the inside of the house. These fashionable additions to your patio, deck, veranda or porch can give you more room to enjoy your everyday activities in peace. Some homeowners prefer to lounge inside, knowing the heat and insects will not affect them. With outdoor shade installments, they can make the transition outside for some much-needed fresh air with no bugs, intense UV rays or debris.

This addition to your house can also make hosting events easier. Homeowners who enjoy having family and friends over for a get-together may feel that this option is not possible due to small rooms or entertaining spaces inside the house. Outdoor shades can provide this extra backyard space to make events memorable for guests and homeowners alike.

A professional can strategically install these shades using the area provided outside the home. Most owners use three shades that enclose a few yards directly outside their back door so guests can feel free to roam outside the house for fresh air and fun conversation. Your events can last for hours, and your home can become an excellent spot for future parties.

Outdoor shades can also make it easy to plan activities more often than imagined. While the summer months are more common for planning fun get-togethers with friends and families, you now have extra room to entertain all year long with protection from outside weather. This option is perfect for celebrating holidays and hosting dinner parties year round.

8. Easy to Use

Unlike blinds, these shades have a simple up and down mechanism. Blinds can tangle and break over time, decreasing the visual appeal of a home. Designers build these outdoor shades to withstand years of use without breaking, tearing or losing their shape.

These shades come in a variety of movement options. If you prefer to eliminate the use of cords, motor-operated outdoor shades are a great choice. With side tracks to move them up and down with a remote, outdoor roller shades make it easy to adjust the screens to match your preference. Manual operating shades are also available for homeowners who prefer the classic blind pulling mechanism.

9. Versatility and Flexibility

Mesh, cloth and smooth linen typically make up the material of an outdoor shade. Each of these fabrics is flexible and durable, allowing you a long-lasting option for property decor. Because these materials can bend, fold and pull, homeowners can be confident that these shades will last for years.

The elegant yet simple look of outdoor shades also allows you to decorate your home in various ways. Any way you style your outdoor shades, you know you can rely on the design to make your home come to life with one easy installation.

10. Family Friendly

Outdoor shades work great for outdoor parties fit for the whole family. Kids benefit significantly from outdoor shade installation as they can spend more time outdoors without getting sunburnt, bitten by bugs or wandering too far from the house. The soft material is also better for young ones than plastic blinds or heavy doors as they explore the backyard during playtime.

Besides helping make each get-together go smoothly, outdoor rolling shades are also safe for families with young children. This design eliminates the need for blind chords that can sometimes be a safety hazard for toddlers. This shade alternative ensures children are free to roam around on the patio in an enclosed and protected space. Some plastic blinds can also break off and become sharp. This factor is essential to remember when choosing your next shades, as the soft material makes it more comfortable for children to touch.

Getting Professional Outdoor Shade Installation

After inspecting the various benefits you and your property can receive from outdoor shades, you may consider the next step to add this element to your home. You have the freedom to choose the style and color of your shades to maximize the aesthetic of your home. The installation team does the rest. Getting professional installation means you can feel good knowing your new shades will perfectly match the color you desire and the measurements of your windows, patio, porch, deck or veranda.

A professional installation team can take the time to know your goals through a scheduled tour of your home. During this time, you can establish your vision to make sure they can make it come to life. They take great care to ensure that every project leaves you happier with the final product than you could imagine.

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